Welcome Freshmen!

Student membership

As a hospitality student studying in Lappeenranta, you can become a member of the local association of your study field. Membership opens the way to student life and as a member you are also entitled to membership benefits – you can buy student overalls and some event tickets at a discounted price. You will also get opportunities to register for some events before anyone else. In addition, you will keep up to date with the events and stunts of the association and campus, and you will be able to influence matters related to you studies.

Membership costs 15 euros for the entire study period. You can become a member here. After your studies, You can acquire a supporter membership of LaGeR ry to support the association’s activities.

Student overalls

Overalls symbolize university life. Each field of education has its own coloured overalls, although the colout of the fields vary from university to university. In Lappeenranta, a restonom student can be indentified by turquoise overalls.

In general, at outdoor events, overalls are seen even more than other ways of dressing. However, you should not put on overalls for themed patries unless the dress code specifically mentions it ( e.g. DC masquerade + overalls). Please also keep in mind that overalls are not desirable, for example, to go for a bar outside student events. Each nightclub has its own policies for overalls.

Other usefull information about overalls:

  • In the UAS culture, it is customary to wear overalls with their sleeves tied to the waist.
  • Wearing a belt makes it easier to wear overalls so they don’t fall off.
  • The leg of the overalls can be exchanged with a partner and a sleeve with a friend or sibling.
  • The overalls are washed only by immersing them in Saimaa so that they are worn on top of their owner. If necessary the overalls can be ventilated.
  • Including patches, you can attach all kinds of equipment to the overalls and make any kind of decorations, but can’t remove them.
  • When wearing overalls, please note that the LaGeR logo is seen on the back of the overalls.

Overalls can be purchased and tried on at the student union office if a representative of LaGeR ry is present. The price of overalls varies from year to year.

When buying the overalls, please note that the size must be slightly larger than normal, as in colder weather if needed the overalls must be big enough to fit thermal layers underneath. We sell overalls sizes XS-XXL. We recommend trying the overalls on before purchasing.

Student union KOE

KOE consists of active students that want to make their time of studying better. The job of KOE is to make sure that studying proceeds as well as possible. KOE monitors the wellbeing, common interests and quality of teaching of ALL students studying at LAB university of Applied Sciences. In addition, KOE offers various events to counterbalance studies, such as sport events and, of course, traditional student parties. You can find the KOE office on the Lappeenranta campus of LAB University of Applied Sciences behind the cafeteria on the first floor.


  • Member benefits (student card and membership issues)
  • Educational and social policy advocacy
  • Tutoring and international affairs
  • MOVEO service advice and sports pass sales
  • Biggest UAS (University of Applied Sciences) student events of the year
  • Campus passes
  • Lost and found items
  • Lending of board games and sport equipments
  • Cool colourful belt!

KOE webside can be found  here.

Student guidance

TUTORS guide new students arriving in degree programmes on a sector-by-sector basis. Tutors are students’ guides especially at the beginning of their studies, when often for a new student not only the school, but also the city is new. Tutor introduces the new student to the school, the study environment and other fellow students. Tutoring is an activity coordinated by the Student Union KOE. If the tutor behaves in an inappropriate way or if there is something else you would like to bring up, please contact the head office in your field or the person responsible for tutoring in KOE.

TUTOR TEACHER is the instructor of each starting group, from whom students can receive help and support related to their own studies at different stages of their studies. Tutor teachers work in cooperation with tutors, study counsellors and other staff. Guidance is carried out as a group lessons And personal guidance.

GROUP ELDER is a responsible student selected for each group, acting as a contact person and information intermediary between students, teachers and other staff, as well as a representative of students in various development groups.